Changing Default Texts, Localization, Colors, and other UI elements

You can change default texts, perform localization, change colors, and other UI properties to suit your app needs

MesiboUI creates a singleton object MesiboUiDefaults having various properties which you change as needed. You should configure it once at the start. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to change these values at runtime.

Below is a list of a few properties. Refer to the source code for the complete definition

public static class MesiboUiDefaults {
	public String messageListTitle = "Messages";
	public String userListTitle = "Contacts";
	public String createGroupTitle = "Create a New Group";
	public String modifyGroupTitle = "Modify Group details";
	public String selectContactTitle = "Select a contact";
	public String selectGroupContactsTitle = "Select group members";

To change, get the instance of MesiboUiDefaults and change the necessary variable.

For Android,

MesiboUI.MesiboUiDefaults defs = MesiboUI.getUiDefaults();
defs.messageListTitle = "New Messages";

For iOS,

MesiboUiDefaults *defs = [MesiboUI getUiDefaults];
defs.messageListTitle = @"New Messages";