How mesibo SDKs are versioned

mesibo follows Semantic Versioning. This document explains the version number scheme for mesibo release and beta SDKs.

Release Versions

Each mesibo release SDK has a version number defined as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, for example 2.2.7, in which:

  • MAJOR version is incremented for major API changes
  • MINOR version is incremented when new features/functionality are added
  • PATCH version is incremented for bug fixes or minor updates

Beta Versions

Beta versions are not published and offered to mesibo users only as needed in response to support tickets.

Beta versions use four digits as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD, where:

  • MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH represent the base stable build
  • BUILD represents the incremental beta build

Beta versions should only be used for testing and are not recommended for production use.