Frequently Asked Questions - UI Modules

How to remove Mesibo Text appearing in voice and Video call

Can I display ads in chat view ?

You can display whatever you like in the chat view, including ads. Refer UI Modules Customization guide for complete instructions.

Is Mesibo UI opensource?

Yes, the entire source code is available on the GitHub

How can I customize to load GIF ?

By default Mesibo supports GIF as a video file. You can customize your own view to load GIF as per your requirement.

Does Mesibo support languages other than english?

Yes, Mesibo supports Unicode and hence you can customise it as per your language requirement.

How to customise MesiboUI for chat screen and user list?

Please go through the documentation for custom Mesibo UI. "Link"

How to change Share text on Invite Family and Friends?

Use Back end api.

How to customise Mesibo Chat bubbles ?

While creating your incoming chat view, put your image in background of the parent layout of your incoming chat view.

// your code . . .

How can I implement the feature reply to message?

Mesibo has a reply view which can be customised as per your need. Create your custom view for reply and pass reference ID while replying.