Frequently Asked Questions - UI Modules

Is mesibo UI open source?

Yes, the entire source code is available on the GitHubopen_in_new

How to customise mesibo UI for chat screen and user list?

You can also customize most of the user interface including how messages are rendered by implementing MesiboUIListner.

For details, refer to Customizing User Interface and Message Rendering.

Alternatively, you can download the entire source code and tailor the user interface to suit your application's needs.

Does mesibo support languages other than english?

Yes, mesibo supports Unicode and hence you can customise it as per your language requirement.

How to customise Mesibo Chat bubbles ?

Please refer to the previous answer.

Can I display ads in chat view ?

You can display whatever you like in the chat view, including ads. Refer to the UI Modules Customization guide for complete instructions.