Frequently Asked Questions - SDK

How do I configure ProGuard or R8 to work with mesibo?

mesibo ships with built-in ProGuard rules which will be automatically used by Android Studio. Hence, you do not need to do any special configuration to use mesibo with ProGuard or R8.

What platforms and languages does mesibo support?

mesibo supports almost all popular platforms and languages. Whether you are developing mobile apps (Android, iOS, Flutter, Java, Objective-C, C++), web apps (Javascript), integrating with backend (Linux, macOS, Windows, Python, C++), or creating cool devices using Raspberry PI, mesibo has chat APIs for you.

See the Installation Instructions page for specifics on getting mesibo set up in your development environment of choice.

Can I customize the API or modules to suit my own requirements?

Yes, we do offer customized development and setup services to suit your specific requirements. You can contact us at Support with your requirements.

Can I request custom features not available in Mesibo?

Certainly, please contact us at with your feature requests.

Does mesibo support running on Windows?

Yes, mesibo is provided as mesibo.dll which you can use to build apps on Windows-based systems.

Can I develop applications in Python using Mesibo?

Yes, the mesibo Python package is available on PyPi. mesibo Python Library allows you to interface with any of your backend, LLMs, and scientific computing packages such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.

Does Mesibo support Julia?

You could use Mesibo C/C++ library to develop custom extensions for Julia or for any language that supports interface with C-extensions for that matter(All major languages such as Python, Julia, Rust, etc. support C-extensions)

Does Mesibo support Raspberry Pi?:

Instantly add real-time communication on your embedded devices by using Mesibo.You can control and communicate with your Raspberry Pi based devices from mobile apps, web, Linux, using the same API.

Mesibo on Raspberry Pi is available as a shared library(.so) which allows you to use it from any application OR languages of your choice like C, C++, Python, PHP, etc.

Can Mesibo be used with GUI written in Qt (PyQT/Qt C++), GTK,etc ?

mesibo APIs are provided in platform-specific Native SDK which can be used from any higher-level languages or tools. You can implement your UI in any framework you desire and integrate mesibo with it.

Mesibo does not support the platform that I need What should I do

Mesibo provides API in Native SDK form. Hence, you can develop your own custom extensions or wrappers on top of it. For example, you can use the Mesibo C/C++ Libraries to develop custom extensions for Python, PHP, etc. Reach us if you need any assistance.

Can I use Mesibo with machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Pytorch?

You can interface with any machine learning framework such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Caffe, etc. There are three options to interface:

  1. Use mesibo Python library (/install/python)
  2. Use mesibo C++ library (/install/cpp)
  3. Interface using on-premise module (/on-premise/loadable-modules/)

How can I develop chatbots with mesibo?

Please refer to the mesibo Chatbot and Scripting APIs

How can I use Mesibo to build applications for IoT?

You can use Mesibo Native Libraries for C/C++,Python,Javascript,etc and connect with intelligent devices on Raspberry Pi/Arduino,etc

Can Mesibo be used to build voice based assistants/voicebots?

Yes,you can use the Mesibo APIs for audio calls and interface it with your voice bot.