Frequently Asked Questions - Group Messaging

What is group messaging?

Group messaging is the ability to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. The purpose of group messaging is to facilitate communication and collaboration among a defined group of people.

How do I create a group and add members?

You need to use group management APIs to create a group and add members.

We recommend checking Get Started Guide to quickly learn about mesibo group concepts.

Who can send messages to a group?

You can control the message-sending privileges within a group. Mesibo provides API to selectively determine which members are permitted to send messages to the group such as allowing messaging by all members, specific members, admins, or even extend the permission to anyone, whether they are group members or not.

This level of flexibility ensures customized communication within the group based on your app logic.

Who can receive messages from a group?

Similar to send, you can select who can receive messages from the group, for example, particular group members (say admins), all group members, or one of the members (round-robin).

This approach of precisely controlling who can send or receive group messages gives you ultimate flexibility in defining group behavior, compared to some other API using a hard-coded approach (for example, open or group channels).

How do I create an announce-only group?

Simple, just create a group where only a few members (say, admins) can send messages.

I am creating a social app. How do I allow only matched or paired users to communicate?

This is a common requirement in many social applications. For instance, for a dating app, you might permit two users to interact only if they've matched, and not otherwise. Furthermore, you need to break the communication if they choose to unmatch. Additionally, you may even configure users to allow messaging but not calls unless they are premium users.

mesibo allows you to restrict user communication in various ways. For more information, refer to the Restricting Communication Audience.

How do I create a group of support staff such that only one of them receives the message from the customer?

Create a group with a round-robin flag and only one of the non-busy members will receive the message. You can make any member busy or free using the backend API.

Is there any limit on the number of groups that can be created?

There is no hard limit on the number of groups that you can create. The limit varies based on the number of MAU and the type of account. It is ensured that you can at least create as many groups as the MAU.

Is there a limit on the number of users in a group?

If you are using mesibo on-premise, there is no limit on the active number of members (users) in a group.

If you are using the cloud, the limit is 128 users and it can be relaxed depending on the load. For free users, the limit is 16 users.

Can I monitor 1-on-1 conversations?

You can monitor conversations only if end-to-end encryption is disabled.

If you are running Mesibo on-premise, you can install your own modules to monitor and alter (say, translate) any messages as required by your app.

On the cloud, you can use a webhook to receive all the conversations.