Frequently Asked Questions - Demo Apps

Does mesibo have any demo app that I can try out?

Yes, we have a fully functional WhatsApp and Telegram-like messaging app built using mesibo for Android, iOS, and the Web that can help you evaluate what mesibo can do for you. You can download the entire source code from GitHub and build it yourself

You can also check out sample apps for Flutter, React-Native, JavaScript, etc.

I am not receiving the OTP. What should I do?

mesibo demo apps will NOT send OTP. Instead, you will have to generate OTPs from the mesibo console.

Sign up at and click on the "Demo Apps" link from the left navigation bar and follow the instructions.

Can I use the source code in my own app?

Absolutely, that's the idea! We have released the entire source code of mesibo Android, iOS, and JavaScript Apps on GitHub, where it can be continuously updated. You can download the entire source code, customize it, and reuse it in your own mesibo-based applications without any restrictions.

Can we use email instead of phone number for login?

For these demo apps, we have chosen to use a phone number for login. We verify the user by sending an OTP to the user's phone number, which the user can enter to confirm the phone number.

However, it is not necessary to use the phone number; you can use anything you prefer, for example, email address, user account id, your organization id, etc. You can customize the entire login as you prefer.

Is it possible to replace phone login with other login methods, for example, email or the user-id?

Absolutely. For the demo app, we have used phone-based authentication. It is just an example and we do not recommend or enforce any particular login method. You can replace it with any other authentication mechanism, for example, email, user-id, LDAP, RADIUS, OAuth2, Kerberos, SAML, etc. All you need to do is that you generate a mesibo user token using your secret App Token only after your user passed your authentication.

These are two places where you need to make changes:

  1. Your own login screens so that your users can enter the required credentials, for example, email, user-id, or password.
  2. Private APIs. You can change it to whatever authentication check your App does. For example, checking your own database for a valid user.

How to connect my own console (account) with demo apps?

To use your own account, you need to host demo app APIs on your server and change the app token. Refer to Backend for Open Source Android and iOS Messenger for more details.

I do not see my contacts when I launch mesibo demo app.

The mesibo app screen only shows active conversations. To view contacts, click on the New Message button on the top right corner. Also ensure that:

  • both of you have each other's phone number in your address book
  • both of you have granted contacts permission.

Are there any file size limits on the Demo App

Yes. There is a file size limit, on the files you send. Also files that you send (For example, Images)

How to resolve error - "File google-services.json is missing"

The demo app uses Google Maps and Places SDK for the location services. Refer customization section in the tutorial to learn how to get your own Google API key and google-services.json file.

How to resolve iOS linker errors in the demo app?

If you receive linker errors, it means that your download was incomplete. One of the likely reasons is that you forgot to issue git lfs install. You need to delete the entire repository and download it again (do not forget git lfs install, as instructed above). Note that enabling git lfs install after partial download does not seem to work as expected.

How to fix 'getUserMedia' error when making calls using mesibo JavaScript API?

Due to the browser security model, camera and microphone access require the following:

  • You MUST use a secure URL (https://). The http:// or file:// URLs will NOT work.
  • You MUST also use a valid certificate with recognized authority, the self-signed certificate will NOT work.

The browser will not grant the camera and microphone permissions unless your app meets the above requirements. If permissions are not granted, calls and conferencing will not work.

These restrictions are by the browsers and NOT by the mesibo. Refer Security section in the Mozilla documentation for more information.

iOS - how to resolve unresolved symbol ___darwin_check_fd_set_overflow

Upgrade Xcode to the latest stable version (recommended) or downgrade the mesibo API to 1.0.29 or earlier.

This error is due to a Bug in Xcode 11.4. This bug is also tracked by other affected platforms like OpenSSL, Curl, Xarmin, mono, etc.

We have modified the demo app source code and it has stopped working, can you help?

The entire messenger/WhatsApp clone demo source code is provided so that you can understand how mesibo platform can help you write a powerful communication app. We can help you if there is an issue with the source. However, it is not possible for us to look into the modifications or custom source code. It is recommended that you first compile and run the demo app AS IT IS. Make changes only after you are comfortable so that you can easily identify issues caused by the custom code, if any.

If you have any mesibo API specific questions, we will be happy to answer.

Can I use a different login method than in conferencing demo app?

Absolutely. For the demo conferencing app, we have used phone-based authentication. It is just an example and we do not recommend or enforce any particular login method. You can customize it to have any other authentication mechanism. You could also modify the source code for the Conferencing App.