Frequently Asked Questions - Chatbot and Scripting

How many scripts can I link with a user?

You can specify a separate script to be executed when message is sent from a user and when message is received by the user. If you have specified an app level script, then only user level script shall be executed. So, you can specify a maximum of two scripts per user.

Is there a limit on the size of the script that can be uploaded?

Yes. The max file size is 1MB if you are using the scripting service on the cloud. If you are using it on your own premise then there is no limit.

Can I connect to sockets on my own server?

Yes, you definitely can. Make sure you configure the server socket. For instance if you are using the secure socket type in for the client in your script, the socket at your server needs to be listening on port 443

The chatbot service provider I'm using is not available in the list of supported third party API classes. How can I use it?

You can create your own classes by building on the Http class. All popular chatbot services provide a REST interface. So, all you need to do is send an HTTP request, Authorize it by providing a token/key ( refer to your chatbot provider documentation) and get the response.

How can I make all the users of my app connect to a chatbot?

You can enable the script at app level and in the onmessage function of your script you can implement your chatbot logic and consume all messages.

What happens if my script fails?

In case of script failure, an exception will occur and onexception event handler will be called. You can handle the exception as you see fit by defining the onexception function. For example, you could send the exception string as a message to a user, where you can inspect it.

Do I have to pay for the chatbot scripting service?

Mesibo offers a Pay-as-you-GO pricing model. If you are using Mesibo Scripting on the cloud, you will be charged for running your script on a per-second basis. ie; If your script is active for 10 seconds, then your charge willbe $XX/second * 10 seconds = $YY.

However, if you are using Mesibo Scripting on your own server by loading the scripting module there are no charges whatsoever. Please not that all other charges for using Mesibo APIs and services are independent and remain the same.

For more details refer Mesibo Pricingopen_in_new

Can I use scripting for mobile applications?

mesibo scripting is used to specify your app logic at the core platform level, irrespective of your client: web, mobile(Android and iOS) or desktop they all run on the same communication platform : mesibo. So, you can build web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, run IoT devices you can use a simple scripting interface.

Is it safe to use scripting?

mesibo scripting is an independent module that runs on top of the core mesibo platform. All your messages and communication is safe, as the scripting runtimes are isolated.

Does mesibo scripting service access my browser?

No, mesibo scripting service does not have any access to your browser data. If you are using our cloud scripting service, it runs on mesibo servers. If you wish to run it on your own servers, you can use the scripting module and load it to your on premise mesibo server.

Does using mesibo scripting slow down my app?

mesibo scripting is built for speedy processing. Unlike browser-based Javascript, which is single-threaded, mesibo javascript implementation is multi-threaded and asynchronous for blazingly fast and parallel message processing for the best user experience.