Frequently Asked Questions - Video and Voice Calls

Does mesibo supports video and voice calling?

Yes, mesibo supports voice and video calls.

We recommend checking Get Started Guide to quickly add video and voice calls in your apps.

Can I make calls between browsers and mobiles?

Yes absolutely, you can make calls between browsers, mobiles, or between browsers and mobiles.

Why mesibo does not charge for video and voice calling?

mesibo follows a fair and ethical pricing model, distinguishing itself from other platforms by not charging for unused resources. Most peer-to-peer calls on mesibo do not consume mesibo's bandwidth, and hence mesibo does not charge for peer-to-peer calls. This means that your app users can make unlimited video and voice calls without incurring extra costs.

This approach reflects Mesibo's commitment to offering cost-effective and ethically priced solutions for real-time communication, setting it apart from other companies in the industry.

Does mesibo supports PSTN calling?

As of now, mesibo does not support PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) calling. However, this feature is part of our planned roadmap and mesibo has intentions to incorporate PSTN calling functionality in the future.

Although the specific timeline for its implementation may not be immediately available. Users can anticipate this feature soon.

I will be using TURN servers. How much the TURN server cost for a 60-minutes call?

The mesibo charges only for the TURN bandwidth and not per-minute usage. The reason is that the TURN server is only active for a short duration, and hence it is not fair to charge for the entire call duration. Generally, the TURN server is active during the call initialization and then becomes inactive once the peer-to-peer connection is established. Hence, you will only be charged for bandwidth consumed during the active duration. The active duration can be longer if the participants are behind no-cooperative NATs/firewalls or can be a fraction of the total duration (say 30 seconds for a 60-minute call).

The bandwidth consumption depends upon the call quality and the active duration. Typically an HD (720p) call for 100 minutes will consume around 1 GB of bandwidth per participant. A non-HD call for 250 minutes consumes around 1GB per participant. Hence, depending on your call quality and TURN active duration, you can estimate the TURN bandwidth and the cost. You can use the mesibo console to monitor TURN usage and charges.

Do Voice and Video call quality differ in FREE and PAYG Plan?

Absolutely not - quality remains the same whether you are in a free or a premium plan. However, call duration could be limited in the free plan.

How much bandwidth does a video call consumes?

A normal non-HD video call consumes approx 600kbps which translates to 0.25GB per hour per leg. Typically an HD (720p and above) call consumes 1-2 Mbps which translates to 1 GB of bandwidth per participant.