Mesibo Chatbot and Scripting - Introduction

mesibo chatbot & scripting platform allows you to add chatbots and custom message processing to your existing mesibo based apps without any modifications. You can add a chatbot and message processing to your app on all the supported platforms - Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Mac, and even Raspberry Pi.

Importantly, mesibo enables you to write chatbots in javascript, a familiar territory instead of learning new technology or fiddling with those XML and inadequate UIs some other platforms use. There are two ways you can use mesibo chatbot & scripting platform:


mesibo makes it easy to add a chatbot to your existing app - write a small Javascript and attach it to a user. You can use any existing user or create a dedicated user, for example, support or helpdesk. When this user receives a message, mesibo will execute your Javascript with that message. Your script can then carry out your own decision logic to process that message and reply to create interesting chatbots.

For example, the following chatbot script will allow users to get weather status:

mesibo.onmessage(m) {

	var weather_today = get_weather_prediction();
	send_response("The weather prediction for today is"+ weather_today);
	if("rainy" == weather_today)
		send_respnse("Don't forget to take your umbrella!");

Message Processor (filter, moderate, etc.)

Just like the chatbot describe above, but you can do more than just respond, for example, filter, modify, translate, etc. before it reaches its destination and much more. You can attach a script to the user or entire app which will process each incoming and/or outgoing message sent on your app and decide the fate of the message.

For example, the following script will moderate and translate if requires:

mesibo.onmessage(m) {

        // drop the message if profinity found
	    return Message.CONSUMED;

	// pass the message as is if in English
              return Message.PASS;

       // translate it and send
       return translate_to_english(m);

Isn’t it easy and powerful? mesibo Javascript provides inbuilt classes for Socket, HTTP, DialogFlow, etc. to offer unlimited creative possibilities - you can build chatbots, filters, translators, implement socket, and database logic, connect to NLP engines, all from the comfort and ease of Javascript.

mesibo scripting is built on V8open_in_new - open-source, high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++, used by chrome and node.js, and offers blazing fast performance. Also, Unlike normal Javascript. mesibo Javascript is multithreaded and stateful. Hence, it can simultaneously run for multiple users.

At No Cost

The best part is that the mesibo chatbot and scripting platform is available at no additional cost when you use mesibo on-premise; you can download the entire platform on your own servers and use it at no extra cost. Hence, there are no reasons for you to use any other platform that charges per conversation or charges per bot. In our opinion, such charges are simply exorbitant and unreasonable to developers. Mesibo is built by developers for developers and we tried to address many of the limitations of the existing platforms, both technical and otherwise.

How Mesibo Scripting Works

It just three steps, your app will have chatbots or message processor.

Write a script

Write a javascript with functions performing your custom logic for each event, such as when you receive a message, or message status, when a user logs in, etc. You can use any core Javascript functions and also utility functions provided by mesibo to perform different actions like sending a message, making an HTTP request, connecting to a socket, writing to a database, etc as required by your script logic.

Upload Script

Upload script in the mesibo console. It will be available in your script library. You can assign it to multiple users or the app as required.

Assign and Activate Script

Assign script to one or more users or the app so that it can be invoked where messages are received or sent by those users or for the entire app. You can also specify the direction (from and to) of the message.

That's it! You do not need to configure or install anything else or modify your apps. Just login to your application console, load your script and get going!

Note, you can use the same script for multiple users or different scripts for different users. You can even use different scripts for the same users in each message direction.

Note that chatbot and scripting platform can not work with mesibo end-to-end encryption.

Conclusion of part one

In this part, we have learnt briefly about mesibo chatbot and scripting and what it can do.

In next part, we will learn more about how to upload and configure scripts on mesibo console