Nov 12th, 2023

mesibo release - v2.3

The last mesibo update brings forth numerous enhancements, including the introduction of the new Flutter SDK and Phone Contacts API. Among various other enhancements, we've incorporated real-time billing notifications using webhooks as requested by many enterprise customers. Furthermore, we have expanded platform support by introducing APIs for Microsoft Windows.

We highly recommend reviewing these changes and updating mesibo APIs in your applications:

Flutter SDK

mesibo introduces the first version of Flutter SDKopen_in_new for Android and iOS. For detailed information, please refer to the Flutter SDK installation instructions and tutorial.

Call and Conferencing Enhancements

mesibo's call and conferencing features have been enhanced with various functionalities:

  • Call Waiting Support: Accept or reject a second incoming call while an active call is ongoing. By default, the call waiting feature is enabled. You can enable or disable this feature using enableCallWaiting(enable) API
  • The conferencing UI has undergone significant improvements.
  • One-way video call support allows one party to engage in a video call without having to turn on the video or have camera hardware.
  • Autoanswering support allows your app to answer without user intervention (disabled by default).

Phone Contacts APIs

The new mesibo phone contacts API offers robust validation, lookup, synchronization, and formatting capabilities for worldwide phone numbers. If your application involves phone-based login or requires user phone numbers in any way, you’ll find Mesibo’s Phone Contacts APIs incredibly valuable.

mesibo phone contact APIs seamlessly integrate with Android and iOS contact APIs, offering a platform-independent way to access the phone’s address book.

mesibo previously provided a separate ContactUtils for the mesibo Messenger app, specifically for contact synchronization and lookup. However, it is now deprecated. The messenger code for all platforms has been updated and simplified using the new phone contacts APIs instead.

You read more about it here

Profile Customizations and other changes

Profile Customizations API is helpful in situations where a user has not supplied a name or image, or your application needs to override values. This is done by implementing a customization listener. mesibo API will invoke these customization listeners when the profile is accessed or when essential information such as the name or image is absent.

In addition, profile APIs now supports temporary name and image. Note that, these changes will depreciate getNameOrAddress() API as it is no longer needed.

Read more about customization API here

Date and Time APIs

mesibo has enhanced the date and time APIs related to messages and profiles:

  • A new API getDateInNaturalLanguage() can convert timestamps to natural language phrases for display, like "last Monday" or "last week". This API gives apps a simple way to display fuzzy timestamps instead of exact times to protect user privacy, for example, to show "last seen" information.

  • Redundant v1 APIs returning date/time as String have been removed. V2 already includes improved date/time APIs returning rich MesiboDateTime object instead of plain string.

  • getLastSeen() now returns the MesiboDateTime object instead of seconds.

You read more about it here

New Messaging UI listeners

mesibo UI listener has a new listener function MesiboUI_onClickedRow which will be called every time a raw is clicked in the users list or message screen. This allows applications to perform custom actions instead of Mesibo’s default behavior when a row is clicked (the row could be a user profile or message depending on the screen).

You read more about it here

Microsoft Windows

mesibo recently showcased its LLM integration at an AI conference in San Francisco. Subsequently, we received ongoing requests from Python users to expand support for Microsoft Windows. mesibo has now introduced both C++ and Python APIs for Windows.

With this inclusion, mesibo now spans across the most commonly used platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, macOS (both Apple and Intel chips), Windows, and Raspberry Pi (Linux ARM). The addition of Windows support broadens mesibo's reach, catering to a more extensive developer community that has expressed a need for this. Python and C++ developers on Windows can now leverage mesibo's messaging capabilities seamlessly.

You read more about it here


Additional notes for Javascript:

Real-time billing notification

mesibo can now invoke the app webhook with billing notifications. Enable this feature from the mesibo console, in App->Webhook section.

On-premise notification

If you run mesibo on-premise, the app webhook can now be invoked every time the mesibo on-premise instance starts or shuts down. Enable this feature in the mesibo console, in App->Webhook section. Ensure your mesibo on-premise server is updated to use this feature.

Sample App Source Code

We have updated the source code of sample apps including the first appopen_in_new and Messenger for all platforms with new APIs.

We highly recommend updating the mesibo APIs in your app to the latest version to utilize these new features.