Mesibo Profile APIs - Listeners

There are two types of listeners in the mesibo Profile API:


Your app must implement the UserProfileListener to be notified of global profile events. The following global listeners are available through the UserProfileListener interface:

  • Mesibo_onUserProfileUpdated, called when a profile that you have subscribed to is updated globally. Also called when you request for a profile using getProfile

  • Mesibo_onUserProfileAccess, called when your app wants to access a profile. You can make modifications to the profile object here as per your local context. For example, if you are syncing profiles of contacts on your phone, you may change the name on a user's profile as per your local address book.

Mesibo_onUserProfileAccess listener will only be called for the first time you access a profile.


Set a listener for each profile through UserProfile.Listener. The following listener is available in UserProfile.Listener: