Mesibo Group Management - Special Groups

In addition to groups you have created, mesibo provides a few special groups which always exist for each app you create. These groups make it easy to reach the different combinations of contacts and subscribers.

For example, you can send messages to all users who have subscribed to your profile update by sending messages to MESIBO_GROUP_SUBSCRIBERS without any additional coding. The members of these special groups are dynamically updated in real-time depending on the type of the group, and you don't need to do any coding to reach these special audiences.

Following are the special groups.

Group IDDescription
MESIBO_GROUP_SUBSCRIBERSAll Profile Subscribers (refer to the profile APIs to known more about contacts and subscribers)
MESIBO_GROUP_KNOWNSUBSCRIBERSAll Contacts who have subscribed to the profile updates (refer to the profile APIs to known more about contacts and subscribers)
MESIBO_GROUP_PROVSUBSCRIBERSAll Transient (Provisional) Subscribers
MESIBO_GROUP_KNOWNPROVSUBSCRIBERSAll Contacts who are also Transient (Provisional) Subscribers
MESIBO_GROUP_SUBSCRIBERSALLAll Subscribers (profile and transient)
MESIBO_GROUP_KNOWNSUBSCRIBERSALLAll Contacts who are also Subscribers (profile and transient)
MESIBO_GROUP_SUBSCRIBEDAll users you have subscribed to
MESIBO_GROUP_PROSUBSCRIBEDAll users you have provisionally subscribed to