Mesibo Group Management APIs

Mesibo group management APIs allow you to create and manage groups for enabling group chat, group calls, and conferencing between group members. It is highly recommended that you are familiar with messaging and profile APIs before reading this section.

A group has a set of users as group members. Once you create a group, you can send messages to the group, and all the group members will receive the messages. Similarly, you can initiate a video or voice conference between group members. You can create groups of any size without any restrictions.

There is various kind of group messaging and calling is possible with mesibo, to categorize a few:

  • Normal group: any group member can send and receive messages to a group or participate in the conference.

  • Restricted group: only selected group members can send messages to a group and selected group members can receive messages from the group. Senders and receivers can be a disjoint set.

  • Broadcast group: only the admin can send messages to the group or publish a live stream to the conference.

  • Public Rooms: anyone can message, even non-members.

  • Round-robin (hunt) group: only one group member from the group will receive the message in a round-robin fashion. This is quite useful for creating specialized groups; for example, in a group of support staff, only one of them will receive a message from a customer.

However, instead of hardcoding group types, mesibo allows you to specify sending and receiving behavior of the group and individual group members for greater flexibility, for example,

  • Anyone can send messages or make group calls
  • Members can send messages or make group calls
  • Only selected members can send messages or make group calls
  • Only Selected Members can receive messages or group calls
  • Members can receive messages or group calls
  • Members can list other conference publishers
  • One of the active members can receive, etc

You can dynamically change the group or the member behavior at any point in time and it will be instantly applied to the group or group member(s).

To use group messaging, you only need to perform the following:

  1. Create a group

  2. Add members (or allow usres to add themselves by using a PIN)

  3. Start sending messages or make group calls

Let's learn more about creating group and adding members in the next sections. You can refer to messaging or conferencing section to learn more about how to create group chat or conferencing between group members.

Group Management APIs

There are mainly three types of group operations

  1. Creating a Group
  2. Group members Managements (adding, removing, leaving)
  3. Group Administration - changing settings, profile information (name, description, picture, etc), permissions, pins, etc.