Mesibo End-to-End Encryption APIs

mesibo end-to-end algorithm is an improvement over existing protocol, namely OTR, Silent_Circle_Instant_Messaging_Protocol, and Open Whisper System (used by WhatsApp, Signal, etc).


  • third party man in middle elimination

  • improved rachet algoruthm in terms of

  • efficency in key generation

  • imprioved ephernal keys for out of order packets.

  • assymetrical key generation where receiver dicates how sender generates key, while maintaining systmmetric cipher

  • indentiy update

  • does not maintain centralize key directory

  • configurable level of strength, same, more, or lower than other algorithm. As an appl developers, you can decide the strength (banking vs dating vs casual chat) depending on bandwidth and cpu usage

  • assymetrical double racheting - in signal, the racheting is symmetrical, so active snooping on session will get keys for both the parties. In assemetrical version, both peers use completely different keys making it at least twice harder to

An article about improvement here.