mesibo Voice & Video Conferencing and Streaming API for Android, iOS & Javascript

mesibo Conferencing and Streaming Platform makes it extremely easy for you to build a scalable conferencing app. Whether you are building a conferencing app like Zoom or a social voice-chat app like Clubhouse, or a virtual event or classroom, we’ve got you covered.

In this document, we will describe how to create room and then describe mesibo conferencing APIs for Android, iOS, and Javascript to create powerful & secure Video and Audio streaming applications. Once you finish reading this document, you will be an expert in creating any kind of conferencing app.

mesibo also provides an on-premise option to download the entire platform and run it in your data center. You can scale at ease, by simply running multiple instances of the platform to achieve load-balancing, high availability, and geographical redundancy.

To make it even easier for you, we have created a fully-featured open-source Zoom-like conferencing app for mobile and web. We suggest you download the source code and cross-reference it along with this document for a better understanding of API usage.

Let's get started!

Mesibo Conferencing Features

Following are some of the salient features of the mesibo conferencing platform. We will describe how you can add all these features to your mobile and web apps.

  • Standard, HD, Full-HD, and 4K conference rooms. You can even select different resolutions per participant. For example, HD for key speakers, and low resolution for others

  • Multiple Screen & Camera sharing Unlike other platforms, mesibo allows your participants to stream from multiple cameras and screens. With multiple camera streaming, you have unlimited possibilities like building a 360 view!

  • Simultaneous publishing to multiple groups - this unique mesibo capability enables you to make interesting use cases for live-streaming.

  • Talk Detection Detect active speakers in real-time with metalk detection, high-quality 48khz audio with noise cancellation.

  • Per Participant controls for resolution, bitrate, CPU, and other parameters.

  • Per Participant Permissions for who can publish streams, view streams, get participant info, etc.

  • Run time Administration to mute, invite, remove participants, etc. while the conference is in progress.

  • Download the entire platform at no additional cost. An elastic architecture lets you run multiple instances to scale-up or scale-down capacity on demand. Mesibo offers you options to scale manually or use Kubernetes or Docker Swarm orchestration.

  • Just under 700KB footprint makes mesibo, the lightest conferencing server in the World. You can run mesibo's conferencing platform on any server with minimum resources.

  • Unified APIs across platforms. The API signatures are exactly the same across platforms that make it easy to create an app on one platform and port it on another.

Get Started

Mesibo APIs absorb all the complexities and offers you easy-to-use APIs. In just two steps and a few lines of code, you can build any type of conferencing and streaming app that you wish.

Step 1 - Create a Room and add Participants

Before your users can conference, you need to create a room with the desired resolution (normal, HD, 1080p, and 4k) and add participants. To create rooms, add participants and manage permissions, you need to make use of Group Management APIs.

Once you create a room, you need to add participants and grant necessary permissions to control who can join & participate in the conference room. For example, if it is an office conference, everyone should be able to publish their video and audio. On the other hand, in a virtual classroom, only teachers may be allowed to stream from their camera. Students may only view the teacher’s stream. By combining group level and participant level permissions, you can build any type of conferencing room.

Step 2 - Participants join the room using Android, iOS, or Web apps

Once you create a room as described in Step 1, participants can join the room and start publishing/viewing streams using your mobile or web app - built using mesibo conferencing APIs available for Android, iOS, and Javascript. Once they join the room, they will get real-time notifications for various events in the room, for example, when someone else joins or leaves the conference room, when someone mutes or unmutes, when someone talking, when someone sends a message, etc.

mesibo conferencing APIs are unified APIs available for Android, iOS, and Javascript. Mesibo maintains the same API signature across all platforms. This makes it easier for you to create cross-platform apps, target multiple platforms, or port code from one platform to another.

Let's get started. In the next step, we will create a room.