Mesibo Backend APIs - Hosting Backend APIs

If you are using mesibo on-premise, mesibo (and mesibo console) will NOT have any access to your on-premise setup or database. Hence, there are only limited operations (useradd, userset, and usertoken) you can perform with mesibo hosted backend API when using on-premise. For all other operations like group management or sending messages, you will need to use real-time APIs, for example, real-time group APIs.

Alternatively (though OPTIONAL), you can host entire backend APIs to your own server. This will enable you to access entire backend APIs while using mesibo on-premise. Even if you are not using backend APIs for group management or sending messages, it is highly recommended that you enable and use backend APIs bundled with mesibo docker image as it will update your database instantly and also give you access to additionals ops like usersget, groupsget, etc.

Refer to Using Backend APIs with On-Premise to learn how to download and host backend APIs on your own server.